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Real Estate Terms and Definitions


What is Assignee?

This is like a substitute teacher. It's the party to whom a contract or other legal obligation has been assigned, just like how a substitute teacher takes over for the regular teacher when they are absent. The assignee assumes the rights and obligations of the original party and is responsible for fulfilling them.

What is Assignment?

This is like passing the baton in a relay race. It's when one party transfers their rights and obligations under a contract to another party, just like how a relay runner passes the baton to the next runner. It's a way to delegate responsibility and make sure that everyone involved in the transaction is on the same page.

What is After Repair Value (ARV)?

This is like imagining the property's future hot new look after a glam makeover! Think of it as that "before and after" segment in a home renovation show. The ARV is the estimated value of the property after it's been fully renovated, and it takes into account all the repairs and upgrades that you plan to make.

What is Appraisal?

This is like having a pro home inspector come in and assess the property, like they do on those TV shows. They'll look at the condition of the property, the location, and all sorts of other factors to give you a professional opinion on how much the property is worth. It's like getting a grade on how good the property is!

What is As-is Value?

This is like taking the property as-is, with all its current quirks and charms, and asking how much it's worth. It's like asking, "What if we didn't do anything to this property at all? How much could we get for it right now?" Think of it as evaluating the property's current personality and quirks without any judgment.


What is Balloon Loan?

This is like a balloon at a party. It's a type of loan that requires the borrower to make small payments over the term of the loan and then make a large payment at the end, just like how a balloon slowly fills up with air and then pops with a big bang at the end of a party. It can be a fun and exciting way to finance a real estate investment, but it can also be risky.

What is Balloon Payment?

This is like throwing a party that you want to make it as epic as possible. You take out a loan to fund the party and take a balloon loan. First, you pay monthly payments that are easy to handle, like buying snacks and drinks in smaller amounts throughout the party. But at the end of the party, you still owe one big balloon payment for the whole loan, like the bill for the giant fireworks show you put on at the end of the night.

What is Bankruptcy?

This is like hitting the reset button. It's a legal process that allows individuals or entities to discharge or restructure their debts, just like how hitting the reset button on a game can give you a fresh start. It can be a difficult process to go through, but it can also provide a path to financial recovery.

What is Bare-land Loans?

This is like buying a blank canvas. They're loans that are used to finance the purchase of undeveloped land, just like how buying a blank canvas gives you the opportunity to create something new. It's a way to invest in land and potentially build something amazing in the future.

What is Bridge Loan?

This is like realizing that you need some more funds to really make your party a hit. You don't want to wait for your paycheck to come in, so you take out a bridge loan to cover the gap. It's like getting a mini-loan to help you pay for the party essentials while you wait for your big loan to come through.

What is BRRR?

This is like buying a rundown property and renovate it, almost like cleaning up after the party and returning everything to its original state. You rent it out to tenants, like inviting your friends to come over and hang out at your newly renovated place, and then you refinance the property to get your money back, like asking your friends to pitch in for the party and get some cash back.

What is Bullet Loan?

This is like taking a shot at a target. It's a type of loan that requires the borrower to make a large payment at the end of the term, just like how a shooter takes a shot at a target. It can be a risky but potentially rewarding way to finance a real estate investment.


What is CAP?

This is like a superhero in the world of real estate. It's the measure of how much net operating income a property produces relative to its value. In other words, it's a way to measure the strength of a property's cash flow. A higher CAP is like having a stronger superhero with more superpowers.

What is CAP Rate?

This is like the superhero's sidekick. It's the ratio of a property's net operating income to its value, expressed as a percentage. It helps you figure out how much money you can make on a property, like how much money you and your sidekick can save by using your superpowers.

What is CDOM, or Cumulative Days on Market?

This is like the villain in the world of real estate. It's the number of days a property has been on the market, and the longer the CDOM, the more likely it is that the property will be considered "stale" and difficult to sell. It's like the villain is trying to keep the superhero and the sidekick from making money by making it difficult for them to sell the property.

What is Clear Title?

This is like a clean slate. It's a title that is free from any liens, encumbrances, or other legal issues, just like how a clean slate is free from any marks or blemishes. It's important to have a clear title when buying or selling real estate to ensure that there are no surprises or legal issues down the road.

What is Closing?

This is like the big finale of a fireworks show. It's the final step in a real estate transaction, where ownership of the property is officially transferred from the seller to the buyer. Just like how fireworks light up the sky in a grand finale, the closing ceremony marks the end of the deal with a big, exciting moment.

What is Closing Costs?

These is like the price of admission to a theme park. They're the fees that you have to pay when you're closing a real estate deal, like paying for tickets to a theme park. Just like how theme park fees can add up quickly, closing costs can be a bit of a shock if you're not prepared. But they're a necessary part of the process if you want to enjoy the attractions, or in this case, own a property.

What is Clouded Title?

These is like a foggy window. It's a title that has legal issues or other problems that could affect the ownership or use of the property, just like how a foggy window can obscure your view. It's important to clear up any clouded titles before buying or selling real estate to avoid potential legal issues.

What is Collateral?

This is like a security deposit. It's an asset that is pledged to secure a loan or other financial obligation, just like how a security deposit is pledged to secure a rental agreement. It's a way to protect lenders and ensure that borrowers are able to fulfill their obligations.

What is Commercial Use?

This is like turning a treehouse into a clubhouse. It's when a property is used for business purposes instead of residential purposes. Just like how a treehouse can be transformed into a clubhouse for meetings and gatherings, a property can be transformed for commercial use.

What is Comparable Market Analysis (CMA)?

This is like comparing apples to apples. It's a method of estimating the value of a property by comparing it to similar properties that have recently sold in the same area, just like how you compare apples to other apples when trying to determine their value. It's an important tool for buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals to use when making decisions about property values.

What is Contingency?

This is like a backup plan for a camping trip. It's a clause in a contract that allows a buyer to back out of a deal if certain conditions are not met, like having a backup plan in case of rain on a camping trip. It can help protect a buyer from unexpected issues that might arise during the transaction.

What is Credit Score?

This is like a report card for your finances. It's a number that represents your creditworthiness and is used by lenders to determine your ability to repay loans and other financial obligations, just like how a report card represents your academic performance. It's important to maintain a good credit score in order to access financing and other financial benefits.

What is Credit Score?

This is like a spider's web. It's a financial arrangement in which multiple assets or properties are used as collateral for a single loan, just like how a spider's web is made up of multiple strands. It can be a complex and potentially risky way to finance real estate investments.


What is Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)?

This is like balancing on a tightrope. It's a measure of your ability to manage debt and other financial obligations, just like how a tightrope walker needs to maintain balance to avoid falling. It's important to keep your debt to income ratio in check in order to stay financially stable.

What is Deed?

This is like a birth certificate for a property. It's a legal document that proves ownership of a property, just like how a birth certificate proves your identity and place of birth. It's an important document to keep safe and secure.

What is Deed Of Trust?

This is like a handshake. It's a legal document that conveys the title to real estate to a trustee for the benefit of a lender, just like how a handshake is a sign of agreement or trust between two parties. It's an important part of the real estate lending process and provides a level of security for lenders.

What is Default?

This is like a student who forgot to do their homework. It's when a borrower fails to make their loan payments on time, just like a student who forgets to turn in their homework. It's not a good situation to be in, but there are ways to get back on track and make things right.

What is Delinquent Loan?

This is like a student who misses class. It's a loan that has not been paid on time, just like how a student who misses class is considered delinquent. It can have serious consequences for the borrower and should be avoided if possible.

What is Distressed Property?

This is like a house that needs a makeover. It's when a property is in poor condition or has other issues, like a house that needs a lot of repairs or renovations. But just like how a house can be transformed with a little bit of TLC, a distressed property can also be a great opportunity for a buyer with vision and creativity.

What is DOM, or Days On Market?

This is like a countdown clock. It's the number of days that a property has been listed for sale, just like how a countdown clock counts down the time until an event. The longer a property is on the market, the more urgent it becomes to find a buyer before time runs out.

What is Draw Schedule?

This is like a construction worker's paycheck. It's a payment schedule for a construction project, where funds are released in stages as different milestones are achieved. It's like how a construction worker gets paid for their work in stages, with different amounts of money being released as different parts of the project are completed.

What is Due Diligence?

This is like a detective investigating a case. It's the process of doing research and investigating a property or a transaction to make sure everything is as it should be, just like how a detective investigates a case to make sure all the evidence is there. It can be a bit of a tedious process, but it's important to make sure that everything is on the up-and-up before making a big decision.

What is Due On Sale Clause?

This is like a red flag for a bull. It's a provision in a mortgage or other financial agreement that allows the lender to demand full payment of the outstanding balance if the borrower sells the property, just like how a red flag can trigger a bull to charge. It's important to understand the terms of any financial agreement and to be aware of any potential red flags that could cause problems down the road.


What is Earnest Money?

This is like a deposit on a rental car. It's a sum of money that a buyer puts down as a show of good faith when making an offer on a property, just like how you put down a deposit when renting a car. It's a way to show that you're serious about the deal and are committed to seeing it through.

What is Equity?

This is like a golden ticket to a candy store. It's the difference between the value of a property and the amount of any outstanding loans or mortgages, just like how a golden ticket gives you access to a candy store. Equity can be a valuable asset that can be used to access financing, make improvements to a property, or even fund a new adventure.

What is Escrow Account?

This is like a piggy bank that holds everyone's money. It's a special account that is used to hold funds and documents during a real estate transaction, just like how a piggy bank holds all your money. It's a way to ensure that all parties are protected and that funds are released at the right time.

What is Exit Strategy?

This is like a plan for escaping a maze. It's a plan that a real estate investor has in place to get out of an investment if things don't go as planned, just like how you have a plan to escape a maze if you get lost. It's important to have an exit strategy in place to protect yourself and your investment.


What is First Trust Deed?

This is like winning first place. It's a legal document that secures the first priority lien on a property, just like winning first place in a competition. It's an important designation for lenders and can affect the terms of a loan.

What is Fix and Flip?

This is like a makeover show for houses. It's when a property is purchased with the intention of fixing it up and then selling it for a profit, just like how a makeover show takes a person or a space and transforms it into something beautiful. It can be a challenging but rewarding way to invest in real estate.

What is Foreclosure?

This is like a game of musical chairs. It's when a property is repossessed by the lender because the borrower has failed to make their loan payments, just like how a player is eliminated from a game of musical chairs when they don't find a seat in time. It's not a fun situation to be in, but there are ways to avoid it or navigate it if it does happen.

What is Funding?

This is like a filling up your gas tank. It's the process of providing financial support for a project or investment, just like how filling up your gas tank provides the fuel you need to keep moving forward. It's an essential part of any real estate transaction or investment.


What is Guarantor?

This is like a superhero who has your back. It's a person or entity who agrees to be responsible for a loan or other financial obligation if the borrower is unable to pay, just like how a superhero comes to the rescue when you need help. A guarantor can be a valuable ally when you're trying to secure financing or make a big purchase.

What is Grace Period?

This is like getting a second chance. It's a period of time during which a borrower can make a payment without incurring a penalty, just like how a student who misses a deadline might be granted a grace period to turn in their assignment. It can be a helpful safety net for borrowers who are experiencing financial difficulties.

What is Grant Deed?

This is like a magic wand that transfers ownership. It's a legal document that is used to transfer ownership of a property from one party to another, just like how a magic wand can make things appear or disappear. It's an important part of the real estate transaction process.


What is Hard Costs?

This is like going to the dentist. They're the direct costs of construction or other real estate development, just like how going to the dentist involves direct costs for services rendered. It's an important part of real estate investing and development and can have a big impact on the bottom line.

What is Hard Money Loan?

This is like a tough love. It's a short-term, high-interest loan that is often used by real estate investors who have difficulty obtaining financing from traditional lenders, just like how tough love can be used to help someone in a difficult situation. It can be a valuable tool for real estate investors, but it can also be expensive and risky.

What is Hold Back?

This is like saving the best for last. It's a portion of the loan that is held back by the lender until certain conditions are met, just like how you might save the best part of a meal for last. It's an important part of the lending process and provides a level of security for lenders.

What is Holding Costs?

This is like carrying a heavy load. They're the costs of owning and maintaining a property while it is on the market, just like how carrying a heavy load can be costly and difficult. It's an important consideration for real estate investors and can affect the profitability of a project.

What is HUD-1?

This is like a map to buried treasure. It's a standard form used in real estate transactions that provides an itemized list of all the fees and charges associated with the sale or purchase of a property, just like how a map can lead you to buried treasure. It's an important document that provides transparency and clarity in real estate transactions.


What is Interest-only Payment?

This is like paying for toppings. It's a payment plan where the borrower only pays the interest on the loan for a period of time, just like how you might choose to only pay for the toppings on a pizza instead of the whole pie. It can be a useful way to manage cash flow, but it can also be risky.

What is Interest Rate?

This is like the speed limit. It's the rate at which interest is charged on a loan, just like how the speed limit sets a maximum rate of speed. It's an important factor in real estate financing and can affect the affordability of a property.

What is Investment Property?

This is like a gold mine. It's a property that is purchased with the intent of generating income or profit, just like how a gold mine is purchased with the intent of finding gold. It can be a great way to build wealth and generate income, but it can also be risky and requires careful planning.


What is Join Venture?

This is like a buddy system. It's a business arrangement where two or more parties agree to work together on a project or investment, just like how the buddy system is used to keep people safe. It can be a useful way to pool resources and share risk, but it requires a high level of trust and communication.


What are Late Fees?

This is like being fashionably late. They're the fees charged for making a payment after the due date, just like how being fashionably late can come with its own set of consequences. It's important to make payments on time to avoid late fees and other penalties.

What is Lien?

This is like a ball and chain. It's a legal claim against a property that provides security for a debt or other obligation, just like how a ball and chain can keep someone tied down. It's an important part of real estate lending and can affect the ownership and use of a property.

What is Liquidity?

This is like a having cash on hand. It's the ability to convert an asset into cash quickly and easily, just like how having cash on hand can provide flexibility and security. It's an important consideration for real estate investors and lenders and can affect the ability to buy, sell, or finance a property.

What is Loan Officer?

This is like a matchmaker. They're the person responsible for helping borrowers find the right loan for their needs, just like how a matchmaker helps people find the right partner. It's an important role in the real estate lending process and requires a high level of knowledge and communication skills.

What is Loan Points?

This is like buying a discount. They're fees paid to a lender to reduce the interest rate on a loan, just like how buying a discount can lower the overall cost of a purchase. It can be a useful way to save money on a loan, but it requires careful consideration of the overall costs and benefits.

What is Loan to Cost (LTC)?

This is like building a puzzle. It's the ratio of the loan amount to the total cost of a real estate project, just like how building a puzzle requires fitting the pieces together. It's an important consideration for real estate investors and lenders and can affect the overall profitability of a project.

What is Loan to Value (LTV)?

This is like a security deposit. It's the ratio of the loan amount to the appraised value of a property, just like how a security deposit is based on the value of a rental property. It's an important consideration for real estate lending and can affect the affordability and risk of a loan.

What is Lot Partition Loans?

This is like slicing a cake. They're loans used to finance the division of a single property into multiple lots, just like how you might slice a cake into multiple pieces. It can be a useful way to generate income and increase the value of a property, but it requires careful planning and management.


What is Market Value?

This is like trying to sell a toy at a garage sale. It's the amount a buyer is willing to pay and the seller is willing to accept for a property, just like how you're trying to sell a toy at a garage sale and someone offers you five bucks for it, and you're like "Sold! That's the market value of my toy!"

What is Maturity Date?

This is like having a deadline. It's the date when your loan term comes to an end, and you've got to pay back everything you owe, just like how you tell your little brother that you'll lend him ten bucks until the end of the week, and the maturity date is Friday when he has to pay you back.

What is Mixed-Use?

This is like a transformer toy. It refers to a property that has a combination of different uses, such as a building that has both residential apartments and commercial storefronts, just like how having a transformer toy, where one piece can turn into multiple things – it's versatile and can serve multiple purposes.

What is MLS?

This is like a candy store. It stands for Multiple Listing Service, which is a database that real estate agents use to list properties for sale, just like how a virtual real estate candy store, where you can browse through different properties, imagine yourself living there, and pick your favorite ones.

What is Mortgage?

This is like a relationship. It's a loan you take out to buy a property, and you pay it back over time with interest, just like how a big, long-term commitment, similar to a relationship. You have to make sure you can afford it, be responsible with it, and make timely payments to keep it going.

What is Multi-Family?

This is like having a sleepover party. It refers to a property that has multiple living units, such as an apartment building or a duplex, just like how a big sleepover party, but instead of tents and sleeping bags, you have comfy beds and personal space for everyone.


What is Non-Conforming Loan?

This is like wearing a prom dress to a casual picnic. This is a loan that doesn't meet the standard lending criteria, usually because the property or the borrower doesn't fit within the usual guidelines, just like how trying to wear a prom dress to a casual picnic – it might not be the norm, but it can still work out if you're creative!

What is New Construction Loan?

This is like an advanced allowance. It's a loan that helps finance the construction of a new building, usually with a specific loan structure that's different from a traditional mortgage, just like how asking your parents for an advance on your allowance so you can buy all the Legos you need to build a brand new Lego city.

What is Note?

This is like a love letter. It's a legal document that shows the details of a loan, including the terms and the repayment schedule, just like how a love letter from your bank, outlining your financial relationship.

What is Notice of Default?

This is like a teacher sends home a note. It's a formal notice that a borrower has failed to make payments on their loan, and it's the first step towards foreclosure, just like how your teacher sends home a note to your parents that you've been skipping too much homework, and you know you're in trouble.


What is Origination Fee?

This is like paying a cover charge. It's a fee that lenders charge to cover the costs of processing a loan application, just like how paying a cover charge to get into a club, but instead of dancing, you're trying to get a loan.


What is Position?

This is like a game of musical chairs. The properties that are located in prime locations tend to be more valuable because they have better access to amenities, transportation, and entertainment, just like how in musical chairs, the person who gets to the best position gets the best seat, in real estate, the position of a property determines its value. 

What is Prepayment Penalty?

This is like breaking up with your gym membership. It's a fee that's charged if you pay off your loan before the agreed-upon date, just like how some gym memberships charge you a fee if you cancel before a certain date. It's like breaking up with your gym membership early - you have to pay a penalty for not sticking to the terms of the contract.

What is Private Money Lender?

This is like borrowing money from your rich uncle. It's an individual or organization that lends money to real estate investors, just like how you might turn to a wealthy family member for a loan. They're often more flexible than traditional lenders and may be willing to work with borrowers who have less-than-perfect credit.

What is Proof of Funds?

This is like showing your ID at the bar. It's a document that shows you have the money to back up your offer, just like how you need to show your ID at a bar to prove you're of legal drinking age.

What is Payoff?

This is like finishing a race. It's the final payment that fully pays off a loan, just like how you feel a sense of accomplishment when you finish a race.

What is Personal Guarantee?

This is like vouching for a friend. It's a promise that a borrower makes to repay a loan, just like how you might vouch for a friend's character or reliability.

What is Preliminary Title Report?

This is like checking the ingredients list. It's a document that shows the history of a property's ownership and any liens or other legal claims against it, just like how you might check the ingredients list on a food package to see what you're eating.

What is Principal Balance?

This is like the amount you owe on your credit card. It's the amount of the loan that you still owe, just like how you have a balance on your credit card that you need to pay off.

What is Promissory Note?

This is like writing an IOU (I owe you). It's a legal document that states the terms of a loan and promises that the borrower will repay it, just like how you might write an IOU to a friend if you borrowed money.


What is Real Estate Agent?

This is like having a secret agent working for you, but instead of gathering intel, they're helping you buy or sell a house. They have all the secret codes to get you into the hottest properties, and they're experts in negotiating deals.

What is Real Estate Broker?

This is like the boss of the secret agents. They're the ones who train and manage the agents, and they're responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly. They're like the wizard behind the curtain, pulling all the strings to make sure your real estate transaction goes off without a hitch.

What is Realtor?

This is like a superhero version of a real estate agent. They have all the skills and expertise of an agent, but they're also part of a league of extraordinary real estate professionals who have sworn to uphold a code of ethics and always put their clients first.

What is Refinance?

This is like a makeover for your mortgage. You're taking your old, tired mortgage and giving it a fresh new look with a lower interest rate, more manageable monthly payments, and maybe even some extra cash to spruce up your home.

What is Rehab Loan?

This is like a loan for your home that needs a little TLC. Maybe your home is feeling a bit run-down and needs some repairs, or maybe you want to add a new wing or a fancy swimming pool. Whatever your renovation dreams are, rehab loans can help make them a reality. It's like giving your home a spa day to make it look and feel its best!

What is Residential Property?

This is like the home base for your everyday life. It's the place where you kick off your shoes, relax, and enjoy your downtime. Residential properties are where you make your nest and build your life.


What is Scope of Work?

This is like your game plan for a home renovation project. It's like creating a to-do list that outlines all the tasks that need to be completed to turn your vision into a reality. With a good scope of work, you can transform your home into the ultimate dream home.

What is Seasoning?

This is like letting a cake cool before you frost it. It's a waiting period before you can do something else. When it comes to real estate, seasoning refers to the amount of time that has passed since a property was last sold or refinanced. It's like letting your home "cool off" before you can take out another loan or sell it again.

What is Short Sale?

This is like a quick sale for a home that's in a bit of a pinch. It's like when you need to sell something fast, so you're willing to take a lower price just to get it done. Short sales can be a way for homeowners to avoid foreclosure and get out from under a property they can no longer afford.

What is Single Family Home?

This is like a one-size-fits-all home. It's perfect for a family that wants a place to call their own, but doesn't need a ton of space. Single family homes are cozy, comfortable, and just the right size for most families.

What is Soft Costs?

This is like the icing on the cake. It's the extra costs that come with a real estate project that aren't related to construction or materials. Soft costs can include things like legal fees, permits, and design fees. They may not be as exciting as the hard costs, but they're just as important.

What is Sweat Equity?

This is like working up a sweat at the gym to get in shape, except you're working on your home instead. Sweat equity is the value you add to your home through your own hard work, like painting, landscaping, or doing your own renovations. It's like giving your home some love and care to make it even better.

What is Security Interest?

This is like a safety net for a lender. It's like putting a security guard at the door to make sure nothing bad happens. When you take out a loan, a security interest is the lender's right to take possession of your property if you fail to repay the loan. It's like a backup plan to make sure the lender doesn't lose their investment.

What is Security Interest?

This is like a safety net for a lender. It's like putting a security guard at the door to make sure nothing bad happens. When you take out a loan, a security interest is the lender's right to take possession of your property if you fail to repay the loan. It's like a backup plan to make sure the lender doesn't lose their investment.


What is Term?

This is like a landlord giving you a lease for their rental property. It tells you how long you can stay there before you have to pack up and hit the road.

What is Title?

This is like being the ruler of your own kingdom, but instead of land, it's a piece of property. You can build your castle, your moat, and your secret underground lair (as long as it doesn't violate any zoning laws).

What is Turnaround Time (TAT)?

This is like baking a cake - you need to wait a certain amount of time for it to be fully cooked and ready to serve. In the case of real estate, it's the time it takes for a property to go from being listed to being sold.

What is Title Company?

This is like the referee in a game of soccer. They make sure that everyone is playing by the rules, and they make the final call on who gets possession of the ball (or in this case, the property).

What is Title Insurance?

This is like a suit of armor for your property. If any hidden dangers or obstacles pop up that you didn't know about (like a previous owner who didn't pay their taxes), title insurance can help protect you from financial harm.


What is Underwriter?

This is like the wise old owl who sits atop the tree of real estate. They use their knowledge and experience to make sure that everything is in order and that the risks are minimized.

What is Underwriting?

This is like taking a really hard test in school. You have to prove that you know your stuff, and that you're capable of handling the responsibilities that come with owning a property.


What is Vacancy?

This is like having a party with no guests. You're left with an empty room and a bunch of food that no one wants to eat. In real estate, it's when a property is unoccupied and not generating any income.


What is Waterfall?

This is like a magical fountain of money. It's a system that outlines how the profits from a real estate investment will be distributed among the stakeholders.

What is Wholesaling?

This is like being a matchmaker for real estate. You find a property that's a great fit for a buyer, and then you bring the two together to make a deal.


What is Yield?

This is like the amount of fruit you can harvest from a tree. In real estate, it's the return on investment that you can expect to receive over a certain period of time.


What is Zoning?

This is like putting together a puzzle. The city or municipality breaks up the land into different pieces, and then decides what kind of buildings and uses are allowed in each area. It's important to know the zoning regulations before you start building, otherwise you might end up with a very expensive and very illegal treehouse.

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Ryan A.

CC Home Solutions, LLC

Working with Y2 lending helped me get my deal closed fast. I called Eugene and within 7 days I had funded my project. He was flexible on lending terms based on the performance of the project and has been a pleasure to do with throughout the entire process. I will definitely use Y2 Lending again and definitely recommend to other investors.

Johnoson C.

Grab The Map, LLC

Y2 lending really helped my business with our financial goals. I worked with Eugene and he was incredibly professional. Everything was on time, he showed great character, and overall made the experience really easy. Every time I even have the possibility of a lending situation I consult Y2 lending first. Y2 lending and Eugene really are amazing!

Ryan S.

Cinch Realty Group Inc