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Y2 Lending
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GAP Funding Details

Fast approval and closing

Asset types: single family, multi-family residential, multi-family commercial, mobile home parks, RV parks, and self-storage

Funding 100% of the purchase price with up to 55% LTV

No docs, credit checks, and pay stubs required

Funds get wired to opened escrow accounts only

The purchased property as a collateral (or cross-collateral) is required

Loan term is up to 30 days

Loan amounts are between $30,000 up to $500,000 thousand

Interest is 10% flat fee

Need more than $500,000? Contact Us

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Hear From Our Clients

We have been extremely grateful for how simple and fast Y2 Lending has been to work with. We have done a transactional funding deal and a few fix and flips with Y2 Lending. Using 10+ different hard money lenders and private lenders in the past, Y2 Lending has by far been the best to work with, easy to communicate with and very dependable.

Ryan A.

CC Home Solutions, LLC

Working with Y2 lending helped me get my deal closed fast. I called Eugene and within 7 days I had funded my project. He was flexible on lending terms based on the performance of the project and has been a pleasure to do with throughout the entire process. I will definitely use Y2 Lending again and definitely recommend to other investors.

Johnoson C.

Grab The Map, LLC

Y2 lending really helped my business with our financial goals. I worked with Eugene and he was incredibly professional. Everything was on time, he showed great character, and overall made the experience really easy. Every time I even have the possibility of a lending situation I consult Y2 lending first. Y2 lending and Eugene really are amazing!

Ryan S.

Cinch Realty Group Inc

Recently Funded Deals

Property Type: Single Family

  • Location: Des Moines, IA

  • Total loan amount funded: $115,000

  •  House purchased price: $75,000

  • House rehab price: $40,000

  •   Loan Product: Fix and Flip

  • Property Type: Single Family

  • Location: Newton, IA

  • Total loan amount funded: $90,000

  •  House purchased price: $60,000

  • House rehab price: $30,000

  •   Loan Product: Fix and Flip

  • Property Type: Single Family

  • Location: Weatherford, TX

  • Total loan amount funded: $100,000

  •  House purchased price: $60,000

  • House rehab price: $40,000

  •   Loan Product: Fix and Flip