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Y2 Lending
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Get double digits returns with low-risk investments backed by real estate  

Straightforward And Simple

Y2 Lending pays more than any CD or Savings accounts in your traditional banks as well as inflation rates and removes complexity of the investing from the equation

Traditional Bank

Y2 Lending

Savings Account

Earn 0.23% APY (avg)

Savings Account Terms


CD Account

Earn 2.5% APY (avg)

CD Account Terms (Lock Period)

At least 1 year

Debt Investment


Earn 10% APR

Debt Investment Terms


3-12 months

Investments backed by real estate?



Fire Nation, Get 10% APR Returns

Find out how to get 10% APR returns on your money by booking a conversation with us . We have 25 spots to offer.

Here's What Our Investors Are Saying

I have worked with Eugene as an investor. I was very happy to be able to put my money to work while I was between multifamily deals. He was great to work with. He has great deal flow and delivered the returns he presented and he delivered on time. I highly recommend Eugene and will certainly work with him again.

Brenda G

Real Estate Investor

Eugene has been great to work with on every project. He is very communicative, easy to work with, and moves transactions through quickly. I would highly recommend partnering with him on any funding projects, and will definitely work with him again.

Justin S.

Real Estate Investor

The Law Of Attraction

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    "This book is great at taking complex terms and translating them into plain English. If your a real estate investor or looking to get your real estate license this book will definitely help you understand the language/terms associated with the trade! You won’t regret buying this book!"

    Tim McCarthy