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''Uncover the 27 Red Flag Statements to Spot Fake Private And Hard Money Lenders Instantly!''

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What Will You Learn Inside...

  • Spot Scams Early: Learn the warning signs of fraudulent lenders

  • Listen to What They Say: Know exactly what red flags to watch for

  • Safeguard Your Money: Make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes

  • Gain Peace of Mind: Confidently move forward with your real estate deals

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Who Is The Author Of This Guide?

Hey! I'm Eugene Nilus

I put this guide together because I was scammed when I started my first fix and flip. Luckily, I was able to identify a scam before my $500 dollar loss turned into a much bigger loss.

I am the founder of the, Y2 Lending, private hard money bank and co-founder of Y2 Capital Group Debt Fund. Our Private and Hard money bank currently serves borrowers with fix and flips short term loans, transactional, EMD, and GAP funding in different states and the Debt Fund provides opportunities for accredited private investors to get double digit returns.

I currently live in California with his family, where he also holds local real estate meet ups and helps others to start their real estate journey.

Download Your Free GUIDE Right Now And Protect Your Investments from Scammers!

Uncover the 27 Red Flag Statements to Spot Fake Private And Hard Money Lenders Instantly!

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